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Nail Tech
noun | nail-tek
"Someone with the ability to perform miracles and  touch lives with a nail file and polish."


Hi!  I'm Trinity...Your Nail Tech!

Trinity is the twenty-one year old entrepreneur and founder of Vanity Projects.  Her love for the beauty and artistry of nails motivated her to want to start her own business.  She is a self taught nail technician with excellent skill in grooming and beautifying the appearance of finger and toe nails.

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The Nail Gallery

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(225) 800 - 7893 (TEXT ONLY)



$25 Non-Refundable Deposit Required


Request An Appointment

Without deposit your appointment will not be booked, deposits are mandatory.

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Check Out Our Prices

Color Acrylic Set


Color Acrylic French Tips



Color Acrylic Overlay

$45.00 / $50.00

Ombre Set


7.50 (Per Finger)

Marble Acrylic Set


XL Length


XXL Length 



Long Length

Medium Length


Big  Designs
Small Designs
$13.00 - $6.50
(Per Finger)


Color Change

Nail Rings 
$3.00 (Per Nail)

Red Bottoms

Gold Flakes
$2.50 (Per Nail) 




Soak Off
1 Hand/Foot $15.00

Flower Acrylic Design
$17.00 (Per Finger)

Glitter $7.50
(Per Finger


3D Ice Cream Set

$30.00 (per Finger)

+$5.00 2 Diff Color IC

(per Finger)

Candy Charms
$15.00 (Each Charm)

Mini Charms
$5.50(Each Charm)

Sugar Crystals $5.00 (Per Finger)

Flower Charms
12.00 (Per Finger)

Nail Foils
$10.00 (Per Finger)

Rules & Policies


* Deposits are mandatory once booking is confirmed.

*If Nail Has Clear Infection, Fungi , Glue, Or Damaged Nail Bed Services Will Not Be Available 

*Late arrival Forfeits Deposit & Possible Rebooking

*Only Paying Clients Allowed, If Ignored (Will Result In Appointment Being Canceled)

No Children ! (Will Result In Appointment Being Canceled)

If You're 10 Minutes Behind Your Scheduled Appointment It Is Mandatory To Pay A $25 Fee Or Appointment Will Be Canceled.

*Full Payment Required After Acrylic Application !

*Deposit Is Required Before Address Is Given(Location Will Be Given A Few Hours Before Appt)

When Booking Late Night Specials $5.00 Is Required.

I'm Not A Traveler Tech, All Appointments Are Taken Place At Shop


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